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At this crossroads for the survival of our civilization, we will promote methods that build fundamentally new relationships between humanity‘s essential activities and our natural environment: human augmentation of ecosystems(1).

SynecO’s main initiatives comprise supports for the dissemination of “Synecoculture” (2)   and more generally the implementation of “augmented ecosystems.”We hope to contribute to sustainable food production, urban green infrastructure, next-generation education platform on ecological literacy, and health and welfare services in the aging society.

Company Info

SynecO, Inc.
Main Office:
1-7-1 Konan, Minato City, Tokyo
Masatoshi Funabashi, President
Start of Business:
2021 June 1
Share Capital:
41 million yen
Sony Group Corporation (100%)

Synecoculture Augmented Ecosystems

Synecoculture is a method of farming that produces useful plants while making multifaceted use of the self-organizing ability of the earth’s ecosystem. It is characterized by a comprehensive ecosystem utilization method that considers not only food production but also the impacts on the environment and health as well as food production.

An augmented ecosystem is an ecosystem that promotes biodiversity beyond the natural state through the active contribution of human activities. It realizes the augmentation of various ecosystem functions and services according to the purpose. By overcoming the traditional trade-offs between human activity and biodiversity, it creates synergies for multifaceted ecosystem services and forms the basis of natural-social common capital, which incorporates the process of natural capital reproduction as part of economic activities.

Artificial introduction of edible species and inheritance of natural ecosystems
Introduction of edible species and ecological succession


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